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Granular sludge

New anaerobic systems need to be inoculated with granular sludge to start up. Not all granular sludges are suitable for this purpose.  If the wrong sludge is chosen, the risk exists that inoculation has to be repeated after a short period of time which leads to extra costs.

Opure BV has connections with many anaerobic installations and knows where granular sludges can be purchased and for what situation the sludges are suitable. Due to our large database of suppliers, the transport costs can stay low.

Before the delivery, a sample of the material is requested and tested. Eventually an activity test will be performed. Based on the outcomes the right inoculation sludge can be chosen.

In cause of an emergency (e.g. acute washing out of granular sludge) Opure BV can take care of a delivery within 24 hours. If the situation requests it, someone of Opure can attend the delivery.

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